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Please view this video to find out in detail how the You’ve Got Paid® registration process works. Once you are registered into the system, this video also shows you how to access your account as well as how to view, print, and download your pay history. Welcome to You’ve Got Paid®!


Welcome to Paypro's You've Got Paid®—the green way to securely receive your pay stub. Your employer has opted for you to receive copies of your pay stub electronically and securely—via email. You can pick these emails up on your regular email account or on any smart phone, electronic tablet or any other Internet-enabled device.

If you receive your pay via direct deposit, your employer may even eliminate distributing your paper paycheck stub, making a more eco-friendly environment for everyone. However, don't worry, if you need a paper copy you can simply print one from the secure You've Got Paid® website.

If you receive live checks from your employer, you will keep receiving these as usual but you may also have the opportunity to view copies of your pay stub on the You've Got Paid® website.

How does You've Got Paid® Work?

You will receive an email invitation to register for You've Got Paid®. Simply click on "Review Message".

Your employer has already set you up to receive this email message.

To initiate the process, you will now create your account—using the same email address and password as before. Make sure that your password meets the criteria as described to the right. Click "Create Account".

Now you need to authorize your You've Got Paid® account. Check your email Inbox for a verification link. The verification email was sent to your email address. Go to your email Inbox and open that authorization email. If you can't find the email in your Inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

Once you have opened the email, click on the "Verify Me" link. Your You've Got Paid® account is now verified. Click on the link to review your message.

You are ready to log in. Enter your email address and password you created earlier.

Log in and review your message.

Now you can review your pay stub in electronic format.

Once you log in, you are automatically in the "Member" section of the You've Got Paid® website.

Click on "Statement History".

You now see your current and historical pay information. If this is the first time you are logging in, this area will be empty and will be populated as you are receiving your pay stubs electronically.

Click "View" next to the pay stub you'd like to see in more detail

Select "Print" to print that particular pay stub. Or "Download" selected pay stubs into a zip file.

Go to the "Profile" section to review your account set-up or to change your password.

For questions, visit the help section of the website and review our frequently asked questions.

Download the user guide to review how You've Got Paid® works.

Now that you are registered, you will start receiving your pay stubs via email. You can pick up your emails on your regular email account, directly on your smart phone or any other Internet-enabled device.

Once you receive the email, click on "Review Message" and log in to your account with your email and password you created as shown before.

It's that easy!