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About Paypro

Paypro is an innovative leader in workforce management solutions.

Paypro does not only process payroll on behalf of your employer.

Other services Paypro provides, include:

  • Human Resource Solutions
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  • "Pay As You Go" Workers' Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Solutions such as Health, Vision, Dental & Life
  • Retirement Solutions such as 401k and 403b

To find out more what the benefits are of joining a corporate 401k/403b plan:

Go to the 401k Savings Guide

Interested in joining your employer's Flexible Spending Account Program to pay for your commuter expenses, dependent care or medical bills with pre-tax dollars? View or download the Benefits of joining a Flexible Spending Account Program.

For more information on these and other employee benefits programs, please contact your HR Department or Benefits Administrator.