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Welcome to a revolutionary new way to receive your personal earnings statement with Paypro's innovative You’ve Got Paid® solution.

Instead of receiving a traditional paper copy of your personal earnings statement, you will receive an electronic version of your statement via a secure email message. This not only helps the planet, it’s also very convenient.

With Paypro's You've Got Paid® solution you will be able to access your personal archive of personal earnings statements. Every time you receive an email message with your electronic copy of your personal earnings statement, a copy will be automatically stored in your on-line account. This way, you will be able to access your personal earnings statements at any time for reference purposes or to print a copy.

The You've Got Paid® service is available by invitation only. If you are not a registered user yet but your employer has requested this service for you, you will receive an email message with registration instructions.

For more information, please contact your employer.

This is an eco-friendly site.

"The site is saving us a fortune on shipping cost by allowing people to view their personal earnings statements online."
-David B.

"The site was easy to navigate and it keeps the history for each of our employees."
-Mike D.

"The system stores the current Year To Day numbers for each of our employees per pay period."
-John G.

"It was easy and efficient to complete our open enrollment with the website."
-Mike C.


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